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Update (1:15pm PT, 6/18/10):  Now I have been banned at B&W.  I made the following post a few minutes ago.  It went up and was immediately pulled down.  What a shock.

 43: “’Signal’ has a bug up its ass about me, one that predates the debut of its blog last Saturday and its debut here on Monday. ‘Signal’ is not ‘Signal’ but someone else, someone with an agenda.”

 This is a lie.   It also suggests that you have a martyr complex, a messiah complex, or both. 

 43:  “I don’t particularly want to host extended conversations between two people that are not particularly on-topic.”

Then I won’t continue it.

To be clear, I have “an agenda” in that I have a point of view.  But the idea that I am somehow out to get Ms. Benson is, to put it kindly, delusional at best.

Update ( 11:40am PT, 6/18/10):  My “You might learn something” reply at B&W has shown up, a day late.  But at least it appeared.

Update (9:40am PT, 6/18/10):  My “Knock Three Times” post at B&W is still missing and a follow-up post from yesterday in the “You might learn something” thread has not gone up.  It may be a case of technical difficulties and/or moderation purgatory, but it’s hard not to be suspicious that censorship is at work.

Update (10:15am PT, 6/17/10): On the other hand, it appears that I have been banned from Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True blog for having the temerity to ask, in this thread, where the case for the philosophical incompatibility of science and faith has been made. I haven’t seen it. Clearly, at a minimum, Coyne is a hypocrite when it comes to his alleged support of free expression.

Update (7am PT, 6/17/10): My post in the “Knock Three Times” thread remains missing.

Update (4:25pm PT, 6/16/10):  Per the comments, Ms. Benson has advised that one of the posts has been released from moderation.  Apparently I haven’t been banned but remain on double secret probation.  Moreover, another post remains missing; I hope it will appear shortly.


I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

I have apparently been banned at Butterflies & Wheels in that my posts there are no longer being accepted.  The banning took place without notice or reasons given to me or to those participating with me there (see here and here).  Based upon the threads alone, one would conclude that I had abandoned the argument.  Anyone may read the threads  and decide if I deserved it.  In my experience, those who screech the loudest and longest about free expression (see here, for example) are often the quickest to try to squelch those with whom they disagree.  It’s a shame, too, because I thought the discussion was fruitful and getting somewhere.  Apologies to those who were engaging me thoughtfully.  I didn’t desert the discussion.


5 Responses to “Banned”

  1. Your post is there now. It was in moderation and I was away.

    Sorry, but you are anonymous and I do have other reasons for being cautious. You’re subject to an extra level of scrutiny, at least for the time being.

  2. […] Wheels provides support for that view in spades.  You can read about this mess in detail here.  In short, I was banned by Coyne for asking where the case for the philosophical incompatibility […]

  3. […] whole situation with Ophelia Benson and my banning from Butterflies & Wheels (see here and here) just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser, funnier and funnier.  In comments here, […]

  4. She never needed to explain to you why and how she moderates. It’s her place and her judgment what it means to keep it proper.

    She was under barrage from YHN and a wave of other people, including yourself joining the flock.

    I don’t blame her for moderating the situation, in fact I think you totally overreact. You can ban me here any time any day without explanation. That is your choice. Your blog. And if you need to do that to be safe, so be it. I can post my opinions elsewhere. You should extend that very same notion to other bloggers, and in fact you should qualify this post to be clear that you now understand that Ophelia’s reaction was in good part due to a wave of negativity around YNH, and not because she was meaning to be unfair to you specifically.

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