Delusional Conspiracy Theorists

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In a post entitled “The New Martyrs,” YRN makes the point that the so-called “New Atheists” are “becoming the new conspiracists, atheism’s analogue for climate deniers.”  My recent banning from both Jerry Coyne’s blog, Why Evolution Is True, and Ophelia Benson’s Butterflies & Wheels provides support for that view in spades.  You can read about this mess in detail here.  In short, I was banned by Coyne for asking where the case for the philosophical incompatibility of science and faith has been made and by Benson for denying her claim that I have some sort of vendetta against her. 

Ridiculous.  Outrageous.  Stupid.  But typical and fully to be expected.  So much for the freedom of expression.  Benson’s touching call for freedom of expression here is surely tarnished by her raging hypocrisy in my case.

What a joke they are, because all I can do is laugh.


3 Responses to “Delusional Conspiracy Theorists”

  1. […] whole situation with Ophelia Benson and my banning from Butterflies & Wheels (see here and here) just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser, funnier and funnier.  In comments here, Benson tries […]

  2. I think YNH only threw in Ophelia’s name just for spite. B&W isn’t linked in the body of that post, just stuff that goes to Pharyngula or Huffington Post or WEIT.

  3. This post also deserves a correction.

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